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What diseases can you get from sewage water?

People living in sewage are suffering from diseases!When you drink water by polluted, you should note!1.YersiniosisIt depends on the age of the person infected. The children will fever, abdominal pain,... Read More

How do you treat water at home?

When you have to purify water at home, you can use these methods!1. BoilingThis is a simple and reliable way to purify water. You need only to boil the water,... Read More

Water Purification: Ozone Vs UV Light!

When it comes to water purification, what do you think of? Do you think of ozone and ultraviolet light? Then do you know more details with ozone and ultraviolet light?... Read More

Ozonation water treatment!

With the development of economy, more and more water pollution are appeared. Such as industrial waste, domestic wastewater and so on. Whatever water pollution has an impact on humans. You... Read More