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Can ozone kill the coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a dangerous disease that is highly contagious and can be fatal to all infected people, especially the elderly and infirm. Coronavirus can linger in the air through water droplets and spread after an infected person coughs or sneezes. Even the most thorough cleaning of the surface will not remove viruses that are spread

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Refresh Hotel Rooms

Today’s hotels must not only focus on high-end, luxury, beauty and comfort. But most importantly, provide guests with a healthy and safe environment. For many business travelers who often go out, the hotel is their second hometown. In addition to cleanliness and comfort, the quality of the hotel environment and the air quality in the

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Pet Deodorization

Ears are often overlooked by the owner, especially the ear canal is full of hair. The owner’s careless enlargement may cause the growth of parasites. These parasites live by eating the secretions produced in the dog’s ears. Parasites After the corpses are piled up, the dog’s ears become smelly. Sometimes the owner smells a stinky

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Auto Detailers

There are always various smells in the car. When you open the door, you will smell a relatively strong smell of plastic and rubber. These smells are mainly emitted from the inside, including a series of plastic parts and leather covering parts. In addition, the glue itself contains a series of pungent odors, such as

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Eliminate Smoking and Party Odors

In the drinking place, a special smell is emitted from the food and drinks they prepare and provide. Other influencing factors are smoke, body odor and humidity. Odor-producing substances and vapors are trapped in carpets, floors, furniture and fabrics, and many other surfaces and crevices in facilities. Residues in food and alcoholic beverages can also

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Kill Mold and Mildew

In hotels, dormitories, homes, offices and other internal spaces, the odor in the room will gradually increase due to humidity, body odor, food, drinks, pets and occasional smokers. Smoke and odors can be embedded in carpets, furniture, curtains and bedding, and bathrooms, and can also stick to walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Even after cleaning

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