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Eliminate Mold Smell

What are the ways of water disinfection?

There are some ways of water disinfection, you have to know!Chemical methods of sterilization: 1.Ozone seterilization of water: Ozone is a highly effective sterilization chemical for water. It can kill... Read More

You can use ozone water treatment for your well water!

There are still many people around the world who use well water, but nowdays groundwater pollution is increasing and people’s living water is affected. You need to find a method... Read More

How does water pollution affect humans?

Do you know we can live without food, but if we don’t have water, we will not live in the earth? Humans’ life depend on water! But now freshwater sources... Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Water Purification!

Humans have established communities and flourished around sources of clean, drinkable water since the beginning of time. But now freshwater sources around the world are threatened by water pollution. It... Read More

Some things you can do and never do with ozone!

Ozone is a pungent gas. It  Ozone is a pungent gas. It is the interaction of the sun s UV rays and the oxygen molecules that leads to the production of ozone... Read More

What is good and bad ozone?

We all know that there is ozone around us, but many people may not know that ozone is divided into two types: one is good ozone and the other is... Read More

How to use an ozone generator in the home?

Due to ozone is highly reactive to living things, it will effect our respiratory system.  This system includes our lungs, our air passages, and sinuses.  when ozone is breathed by... Read More

Can ozone kill mold?

Due to mold and mildew thrive in damp environments and those with poor air circulation, it needs to shock treament remediation is required to remove mold odor. if you smell... Read More

Ozone effect ! ! !

We all know that in nature, oxygen molecules are decomposed into oxygen atoms (O) by high-energy radiation, and oxygen atoms combine with another oxygen molecule to form ozone, thereby protecting... Read More

What is ozone?

Do you know what is ozone?The ozone is often called Air purifier in nature. Such as when you in seaside, rainforest and after tunderstorm, we all know the ozone provide... Read More