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How to use an ozone generator in the home?

Due to ozone is highly reactive to living things, it will effect our respiratory system.  This system includes our lungs, our air passages, and sinuses.  when ozone is breathed by us,it causes our lungs to be unable to process it and damsges our lungs slowly! It will lead your lungs to be inflamed, causing uncomfortable swelling…

Decolorization Bleaching | Disinfection | Water And Air Pollution

OZONE! Processing environment disinfection! ! !

Still using traditional sterilization methods? Do you still know the disinfection effect of ozone in the food industry? You do not know? “Out of the way”! In the food industry, ozone has the following applications: A. In the production process of beverages and juices, ozone-purified water can be used to process drinks, and can also…


Are you ready to raise a pet?

Before deciding to raise your pet, please think clearly about the following questions: Why do you want to raise a pet? Are you ready to make a long-term commitment? Do you know what kind of pet is right for you? Is your family member suitable for pets? Can you have enough time to accompany your pet? Are you…