Ozonated water

Benefits Of Using Ozonated Water For Irrigation

Due to ozone’s powerful germicidal properties, ozonated water is used for irrigating fruit trees, vineyards, and various other plants, keeping these plants free from deadly diseases, and providing oxygen to the root, eliminating virus, bacteria, fungi, seaweed, spores, and any other microorganisms. Also, they spur on more aliveness and productivity along with fast and steady growth. In addition, any product placed in an ozonized atmosphere and irrigated with ozonated water will maintain all its properties for a longer period of time.

Ozonated water

Cellular respiration is improved by ozone. It is known that ozone exerts a germicidal effect on all types of microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. As an antibacterial, ozone is effective against pseudomonas, Flavobacterium, streptococcus, Legionella, etc. The most common cause of vegetable degradation is fungi and bacteria. Microorganisms such as these thrive in harsh and extreme environments also. Ozone is very effective against such microorganisms.

The spores mentioned are known for their extreme resistance to adverse conditions and their ability to remain in latency for long periods of time, being transported from place to place through air or other means, until they again find suitable conditions for growth. The ability to eliminate such infections using other alternative methods is extremely difficult in this case, therefore ozone can provide complete protection.

As an extremely powerful germicidal agent, ozone can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cysts, without leaving harmful compounds behind, because it breaks down into oxygen when it comes in contact with them. Fruit trees, vineyards, and crops are extremely susceptible to disease when irrigated with ozone.

The following are some of the benefits of irrigating crops with Ozonated water:

Protects Against Diseases

Ozonated water

Infection is the cause of most of the diseases of plants. Water treated with ozone is free of microorganisms and contains more oxygen. Ozonated water can also lower the risk of contagious diseases and destroy bacteria, viruses, and parasite cysts that are hard to eliminate using other methods. By contrast, pesticides and other chemical agents leave behind residues that may cause harm to both human and environmental health. On the other hand, ozone decomposes back into oxygen without leaving any residue.

Ozone-treated water, ozonized storage, and ozonated transportation ensure that ozone-treated products retain all their characteristics for a longer period of time.

Better Growth

As ozone decomposes into oxygen when it comes in contact with pollutants in water, irrigation using Ozonated water contains a higher oxygen content. Using ozonized water for irrigation ensures that it is free from viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, seaweed and other microorganisms. The water without germs provides the best conditions for faster growth, the plant grows with more vitality, with more energy, and it will have the ability to grow within a very short period.

Rust Disease

There are several types of plant diseases caused by fungi, predominantly by Mela psora and Puccinia. In most cases, this occurs on shrubs, trees, indoor plants, vegetables, fruit trees, and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables, including the ones we find in our supermarkets every day, are constantly being exposed to certain risks, causing damage to the crops and even ruining them.

In terms of indoor crops, which are grown in greenhouses, they are products that are delicate, such as raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, and strawberries. This type of fruit is frequently affected by rust (rust disease).

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On the underneath of the leaves, rust can be distinguished from other diseases by the brown or reddish spots that accumulate there. Yellow spots that are discolored can be found on the front side of leaves. The fungus is difficult to remove once it has been installed. Water shortages, as well as an excess of moisture, weaken the resistance of plants. In some plants, the attack can affect the stems and cause brownish pustules, which can effect the plants. The spores may disperse more quickly in the presence of too much moisture, while others may disperse faster in the wind. The ozonated water for irrigation fight numerous types of rust, such as gooseberry, birch, rose, cherry, plum, lentil, and bean plants among many others.

Ozonated water irrigation produces a more plentiful and productive harvest in a much shorter time span, saving a significant amount of water used for irrigation, as well as fertilizers and additives required to promote a more rapid growth. The use of fertilizer and additives decreases to almost 50% when Ozonated water is used for irrigation. This enables the cycle of maturation of crops to be completed in a very short time period and results in a crop of the same size, strength, and volume as a crop grown with fertilizers and additives.

Other Advantages of Using Ozonated Water for Irrigation

Ozonated water
  • Improves Flavor and Taste: Use of Ozonated water for irrigation increases the taste and flavor of the harvest.
  • Because Ozone is such an effective germicidal agent, it almost eliminates infection causing microorganisms, resulting in a product of higher volume, weight, size, strength, nutritional value, and taste.
  • Organic waste can be destroyed by oxidizing with ozone, because it has powerful oxidation capabilities.
  • Unlike other pesticides, fertilizers, and additives, ozone does not leave behind any harmful residue in its decomposition back into oxygen, making it very environmentally friendly.
  • Plants grow more vigorously and are healthier when they are irrigated with ozonated water, free from any contagious disease.

Final Words

Choose the ozone system that’s right for your agriculture from our different ozone generators for agriculture. We have a number of ozone generators and accessories so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We mainly focus on the quality of the products and also have expertise in agricultural application, since our products are exported all over the world. You can let us know if you still have any confusions. We will help you make a right decision.

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