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Unpleasant Car Smell Elimination

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There are always various smells you can easily smell in a car. When you open the door, you will smell a relatively strong smell of plastic and rubber. These smells are mainly emitted from the interior stuff, including a series of plastic parts and leather covering materials. In addition, the glue used in the production process contains a series of pungent odors, such as benzene and hyaluronic acid. Formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, xylene and other harmful substances will be released from these interior components and thereby affecting human health. In addition, in hot summer days, sweat released by the skin will be absorbed by the leather seats, thus it will emit an unpleasant smell.

In addition to air conditioners, interior trim and other car parts are also prone to odors. Some human activities can also produce odors, such as the smell of smoking or drinking in a car. If it is not removed in time, the mold that is produced will emit a peculiar smell. More than that, there will be situation when people vomit in the car. Beyond the surface that you can see, the vomitus will go everywhere into the gaps it possibly finds. Thus, it will release an unpleasant smell, and makes other people feel sick too.

When peculiar smell is sensed in the car, some car owners’ first reaction will be to open the windows for ventilation. Others will use perfume, air freshener, or even certain kind of fruit within the car to cover up such smell.

However, opening the ventilation windows can only dissipate some types of volatile odors in the car. As for non-volatile odors, they are still there. And for hidden spaces with poor ventilation, it is impossible to completely eliminate such odors. Other solutions like perfume, freshener, and use of certain fruit cannot give any help in the elimination of such peculiar smell, but to cover it up, and leave the problems there again.

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