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Ozone Applications

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Cooling Tower Ozone Sterilization

Cooling towers use water as a circulating coolant, which absorbs heat from a system and releases it into the atmosphere to have the system cooled. The cooling water in a cooling tower will be recycled through the system. However, the circulating cooling water provides suitable temperature and humidity conditions for

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Ozone in Cannabis Planting and Processing

Cannabis is a plant in the Moraceae family. It is originally distributed in India and Central Asia, and now it is grown wild or cultivated in countries all over the world. When talking about cannabis, many people will equate it with drugs. Cannabis isn’t just a drug. The main active

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Bottled Water Ozone Treatment

In the 1980s, there is a sharp increase in the sales of bottled water and beverage in the world. Since then, consumers have become more health-conscious. So, bottled water and beverage manufacturers are beginning to think about how to ensure the safety of the liquids in the bottles. One of

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Ozone Sterilization in Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is an environment that is easily polluted. And the pollution of swimming pools is usually caused by swimmers. Usually, swimming pools adopt chlorinated water to achieve the sterilization purpose. But now, ozone sterilization in swimming pools is gradually becoming the first choice. Here is why ozone is

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Ozone Water Purification

Generally speaking, water purification is the process of removing impurities and contaminants from impure or contaminated water. Although there is more than one method to clean water for drinking or other purposes, they can be divided into physical methods like precipitation or filtration and chemical method such as chlorination. The

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Ozone Treatment for Grain Storage

The safe storage of grain has always been difficult in many countries. The strong oxidation of ozone allows it to play an important role in grain storage. Ozone can act both as a pesticide and a fumigant in grain treatment, which can effectively extend the shelf life of grain and

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Aquarium Water Treatment with Ozone

In aquariums, the reason why ozone is used is to keep the water transparent. An ozone molecule consists of three oxygen molecules. Ozone gas is very unstable and lasts very short period of time. Ozone has long been a very effective way to filter water in aquariums just because of

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What Ozongenerators Can Do for You

Ozongenerators is a professional international trade company specialized in multiple types of ozongenerators. Compared with domestic trade, there are several differences in international trade. It can be summarized as the following points: First, since international trade involves at least two or even more countries, there will inevitably be differences or

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Ozone Water Generators

With its strong oxidizing property, ozone disinfection and sterilization has been more and more widely applied in agricultural products processing, storage and preservation, animal husbandry and aquaculture industry, medical and health field, laundry industry, chemical and pharmaceutical field, drinking water disinfection and sterilization, sewage treatment and family disinfection, etc. The

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Why Ozone Water Treatment is Better?

When water treatment is mentioned, the first thing comes to your mind should be chlorine. Chlorine has been widely used for tap water disinfection and purification for decades. But today, chlorine’s dominance in water treatment field is under challenge. The challenge comes from ozone. Ozone water treatment with ozone water

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