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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ozone Teatment Water!

In modern technology, ozone has been widely used in water treatment.At the same time, many questions have also been discovered.
At first, advantages:
1.It has strong oxidizing power and kill bacteria within a few seconds.
2.Will not leave any smell.
3. Requirements no chemical but it can oxidizes iron and manganese, then provides oxygeb to yhe ozonated water.
In a word, ozonated water avoid any undesir able residual effects, such as smell, color, viruses and so on.
Then disanvabtages:
1.If you can not control the time and ozone concentration, it will has poison and effect your health, you must control them.
2.Cost of ozonation is high compared with chlorination, you need to install it.
3. Much less soluble in water than chlorine, so must install special equipment to react it.
When you want to use ozone to purify water, you have tounderstand benefits and shortcomes.

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