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Water Disinfection: Ozone vs UV Sterilization

The problem of safe and clean drinking water is one of the biggest issues facing both developing and developed nations. Everyone in the world should have access to clean, drinkable water, as it is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. Despite the fact that an increasing number

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What is Hot Tub Ozonator? How it Works

An ozonator for hot tubs simply purifies the water. The consumers will use less chlorine and bromine when you use an ozonator. The following article will provide a comprehensive overview of what a hot tub ozonator actually is and what it does. How does a Hot Tub Ozonator Work? An

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Remove Basement Odors with Ozone Generators

Providing a space for a wide variety of uses, the basement is an essential part of any home. It often fails to be properly maintained, resulting in an unpleasant musty smell. For a basement with this issue, ozone generators offer solutions that you can apply to remove odors. Musty air

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Hotel Odor Removal With Ozone Generators

Ozone treatments are the most time and cost effective and can be applied across a broad range of industrial applications. Its low chemical requirement and lack of potential byproducts make it the most sustainable and eco-friendly technology available for hotel odor removal. Before we go forward, here is what you

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Remove Bad Odor with Ozone Generators

Odors and allergens cannot be easily eliminated from your home. Moisture, mold, pollen, pets and smoke are just some of the potential causes!  Moisture makes odor problems worse by causing mold and mildew, which can cause damage to a home. There are thousands of bacteria that cause odors. This post

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Ozone Generators for Food Safety

Various ozone solutions that sterilizes and treats water, food, drinks and laundry has been in use for quite some time both in the industrial sector and at home. Ozone is a highly oxidizing substance that is an allotrope of oxygen. As a result of this chemical property, Ozone has been

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Use of Ozone Generators in Agriculture Industry

In agricultural fields, animal breeding and rearing houses, food processing facilities, food storage facilities, and even plants that store and package food, microorganisms are present everywhere food is processed and stored. Pathogenic microorganisms, which can cause human and animal diseases, must be controlled at all stages of production. Effective control

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Use of Ozone Generators in Hospitals and Healthcare

The hospital environment has a high concentration of potentially pathogenic bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and germs are often brought in by hospital patients. So, no matter how hard a facility tries to disinfect surfaces, new germs and bacteria are introduced every day, which evolve beyond what current antibiotics can

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Remove Kitchen Odor Using Ozone Generator

Kitchen surfaces can become soiled from cooking odors. It is possible that spices, burnt food, or oils can cause these unpleasant odors. Ozone is the great solution to remove kitchen odor. Several indoor pollutants, including mold and mildew, are destroyed by ozone by targeting and destroying organic molecules. As a

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Ozone Generators For Small & Large Businesses

You can learn about the benefits of ozone generators and its advantages for different types of businesses here. Various industries around the world use ozone as an antiseptic and odor eliminator for many years. With its versatility, it can be an effective substitute for or supplement to traditional disinfection methods,

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