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Ozonation water treatment!

With the development of economy, more and more water pollution are appeared. Such as industrial waste, domestic wastewater and so on. Whatever water pollution has an impact on humans. You... Read More

7 Steps Of Water Treament Processes!

Clean, safe water is vital for every day life. Water is essential for health, hygiene and the productivity of our community. Many places have difference, but the basic principles are... Read More

Why should we purify water?

There are some tips of purify water, you should know this! A. At home,whether you are washing, cooking, watering your palnts and so on, you will be no langer limited... Read More

The types of water pollution!

Water pollution is a consequence of human action. Polluted water is called “ded water” and harmful to human and all living.It can kill every life in it, such as palnts,microorganisms,... Read More

How many types of impurities are in water?

Do you know how many types of impurities are in water?There are some tips, maybe you can find out. A.Pathogenic Micro-Organisms! We all know a lot of sewage was produced... Read More

Disinfection of Drinking Water!

Do you know what to do when you are experiencing emergency drinking water treatment?There are some tips: A.when you need emergency drinking water, you can choses a bottle of water,it... Read More

What are the benefits of ozonated water?

Water has been oxidized with ozone gas is called ozonated water.It has many benefits in biological application.For agricultural and environmental uses, ozonated water is an inexpensive alternative for water purification... Read More

What is good and bad ozone?

We all know that there is ozone around us, but many people may not know that ozone is divided into two types: one is good ozone and the other is... Read More

How to use an ozone generator in the home?

Due to ozone is highly reactive to living things, it will effect our respiratory system.  This system includes our lungs, our air passages, and sinuses.  when ozone is breathed by... Read More

Can ozone kill mold?

Due to mold and mildew thrive in damp environments and those with poor air circulation, it needs to shock treament remediation is required to remove mold odor. if you smell... Read More